“Canine Comfort” Coming September 4

  • August 26, 2014

  • MANSFIELD, PA— Mansfield University students will have the Mountie 1chance to meet new four-legged friends and relieve some stress when “Canine Comfort” comes to campus on Thursday, September 4, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on the Student Mall.

    Sponsored by MU Student Life and Animal Care Sanctuary (ACS), students and the entire campus community will have the chance to spend time with crowd approved shelter and rescue dogs from ACS.

    “We understand the potential inner struggle of leaving family pet(s) and get moved in to living spaces during the first couple weeks at college,” Wendy Reber, Wellsboro Director for ACS, said. “Student Life and ACS thought our shelter animals would be the perfect vehicle to ‘take the edge off’ some of the homesick freshmen. I met with Student Life’s Administrative Assistant Donna Miner to design a welcoming program for new students to get a dog fix, get to know ACS and its residents, network together, and potentially volunteer at our local animal shelter if their schedules allow either now or in the future.”

    “The students can meet and fall in love with our shelter and rescue dogs, and the shelter dogs get a much needed, fun field trip to be socialized out of the kennel,” Reber added.

    In the event of rain, “Canine Comfort” will be held in Alumni Hall, Room 307.