Students Mobilize to Help Community in Storm

  • February 7, 2014

  • MANSFIELD, PA— Before the snow started to fall on Wednesday, The “Operation Snowflake” crew in action. (L-R) Chelsea Smith, Courtney Ditchey, Kelsy Woodman, Ben Rosenberger, Frank Crofchick, Holly Dewey, Joseph Jordan, Brianna Dion, Katelyn Lenhart.February 5, the Mansfield University Community Service Club prepared to mobilize and help people in the Mansfield area who needed snow cleared from their driveways and sidewalks.

    Dubbed “Operation Snowflake,” members of the club plus Advisor Frank Crofchick, Community Conduct officer and Student Life Service coordinator at MU, gathered Wednesday morning and headed into the borough, clearing snow for elderly and disabled residents.

    After they finished, MU President Fran Hendricks and his wife Connie hosted the “Operation Snowflake” crew for hot chocolate and lunch.

    “This is a great example of our creed–Character, Scholarship, Culture and Service–in action,” Hendricks said. “I’m very proud of the Community Service Club and the difference it’s already making on campus and in our community.”

    (L-R) Frank Crofchick, Holly Dewey, Kelsy Woodman, Ben Rosenberger, Chelsea Smith, Joseph Jordan, Brianna Dion, Katelyn Lenhart, Courtney Ditchey and MU President Fran Hendricks.

    Founded by Crofchick last fall, the club meets weekly to discuss and plan projects on campus and off.

    The students who participated in “Operation Snowflake” were Holly Dewey and Joseph Jordan, co-chairs, Kelsy Woodman, Ben Rosenberger, Chelsea Smith, Brianna Dion, Courtney Ditchey and Katelyn Lenhart.

    For more information on the Community Service Club and community and volunteer services at MU, go to